The Art of Human Connection®

by: Kimberly Kenner

It’s a tough market right now for recruiting. All of our clients say they’re struggling to find talent. The Federal government considers “full employment” when the unemployment rate is below 6%. We passed that mark four years ago in July of 2014! As of March of this year, Orange County’s unemployment is at 2.8%. So, what is an employer to do?

At Ethos, we attract talent by making a Human Connection. It sounds simple, and it is. One way we do this is by NOT posting a job description as an ad. I see JDs posted all the time on Indeed, CareerBuilder, and other recruiting sites. If you are a candidate looking for your next great opportunity, how attractive is it to see a laundry list of duties, followed by a longer list of requirements for the job?

Instead of posting a JD, consider writing an ad that describes the opportunity the candidate will have when they join your firm. What’s unique about your culture? What are your values? What exciting projects will the new employee get to work on? In summary, what’s great about working at your company? That information is what will attract a candidate and ensure they feel connected to the job and your company.

Another way to ensure there’s a connection is recruit through an Employee Referral Program. This is one of the best resources to find talent and a win-win-win for everyone. The employee who refers someone should be rewarded for their referral. The candidate has an insider’s perspective and a friend before they start work. You, as an employer, can lower turnover by recruiting talent who already feels connected to the position and other employees.

Those are just two ideas for increasing the human connection in your recruiting efforts. For other ideas on the Art of Human Connection®, contact Ethos.