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Ethos’ interactive training & workshops develop your people into creative, high-impact, envy-inspiring teams.  Generating the positive environment and powerful results you want in your business is who we are.
Ethos New Leader Development

New Leaders

We create programs to ensure new leaders and teams are successful.

We provide turnkey and customized training for individuals, teams, new leaders, and managers regarding compliance issues. We educate and teach your employees to work smarter while partnering with you on motivating your team.

Our training will help you unleash peak performers everywhere in your organization.


Know Myself. Know Others.

We deliver interactive, personalized, and meticulously designed experiences that enable individuals and teams get to the fun and insightful a-ha moments about their own and others’ communication and works styles.

Non-judgmental discoveries about personal habits, quirks and weaknesses emerge and lead to honest, supportive conversations, empowering your team to transform frustration and misunderstanding into new ideas and a productive culture.

At Ethos, we bring the best and the brightest tools available to support the development of your teams and your business.

Everything DiSC
The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
Ethos - Know Yourself and Others

Servicios disponibles en Espanol

Our human resources advisors are fluent in Spanish to serve your workforce. Ask us about delivering any of our services in Spanish.

Ethos - Team Development Training


Your Goals, Your Topics.

But some of our most popular workshops are:

  • Team-building Skills for Bottom Line Results
  • Equipping New Leaders for Success
  • Management 101
  • Recruiting Strategies that Attract Top Talent
  • Elevating Productivity, Accountability and Results
  • Difficult Conversations Made Easier
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • AB 1825-Compliant Harassment Awareness and Prevention
  • Creative People Strategies During Mergers/Acquisitions

No-Cost Training Consultation

Training is always customized for your people & your business.

The People Problem Solver®

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Linda Duffy’s seminars and I was delighted by the fun and easy learning atmosphere that was created. One of Linda’s top priorities was making sure that all in attendance walked away with the goals they had set out to learn. The seminar was not only educational and fun, but it has given me greater confidence as well.”

— Leah Harden-O’Brien, Marketing Professional