Our Values

We Live Our Values

Be of Service

Embrace clients as family, anticipate their needs, be passionate and committed, and contribute to our communities.

Build Trust

Listen for our clients’ needs, be a source of knowledge, and form lasting relationships so every person is better off for knowing us.

Connect The Dots

Connect clients with solutions that are the absolute best for them, refer them to trusted resources when needed, and be creative in adding value.

Have Fun

Bring our whole selves to each of our clients. Create fun. Be happy, positive, supportive, and interested in their world. Be the calm.

Contributing to the Community

We live our values and enthusiastically look for opportunities where we can be of service to others.

Ethos is committed to the nonprofit sector and provides nonprofit organizations discounted rates, helping them be stewards of their funds and deliver more of their essential programs to our community.

Each of our team members contributes everyday in their own way.

Linda Duffy
Linda has served on the Board of Directors for two diverse charities.  She volunteers as a Senior Leader for Robbins Research International where she empowers others to leadership and continues to enhance her advanced coaching skills. And, she plays a leadership role in a business networking advisory group specifically focused on nonprofits.

Kimberly Kenner
Kimberly is a volunteer for Youth Theater where she works behind the scenes organizing the talent and their costumes. She is a Sports Team Mom, getting the new generation of team players to their games, coordinating fundraisers, activities and team communications.

Kimberly offers her time and expertise to soon-to-be-graduates at local colleges and universities preparing them for job searching and polishing their resumes to help them get the best start in the career world.

Ivana Sfuentes
Ivana is an active member of Pas de Deux, a chapter of The Guilds supporting Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Pas de Deux is devoted to raising scholarship funds for the William J. Gillespie Ballet School (American Ballet Theater’s West Coast School).

She serves on the Board of Directors of the Employment Round Table of Southern California (ERTSC).

Relationships Are Everything To Us

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