Candidates Want Training!

by Kimberly Kenner

Speaking with candidates I am hearing a lot of questions about mobility, job training, and company culture. Candidates are flipping the traditional interview process and conducting their own interviews and background checks before and during the job search period. With information so readily available online and the ability to easily connect with current or past employees, gathering pertinent information about a potential company and position has become a standard practice during a job search

Successful businesses know employees are your greatest resources, and one of the keys to attracting and retaining talent is job training. Offering employees continued training as part of their position is an investment in your employees and your company.

Some benefits of on-going training are:

  • Improved employee morale and engagement
  • Increased collaboration between teams or departments
  • Your company is more competitive in attracting new talent

Ongoing training for new and current employees can upscale your team and help your company become more dynamic in a changing economy. How does your company incorporate on-going training?

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