Recruiting Success Profile

Building on the Success Profile

Can you envision your ideal recruit? Will they fit your profile of success?

By completing the Success Profile you spell out specific short- and long-term goals for a new hire to accomplish. The next step to consider is the competencies and qualities that a recruit should have to be successful in achieving those goals. By identifying the critical performance areas you will get a better sense of who you’re hoping to hire and who you’re trying to avoid.

I’ve assembled a list of questions that can help you hone in on just the right skills needed for the position. It is best to ask these questions of the hiring manager and also, if possible, someone with similar job responsibilities. Consider these questions:

  1. Can you define the necessary skills and qualities? Are they a must?
  2. Can the goals be met without them?
  3. What other skills do they possess?
  4. What technical expertise will they need?
  5. Is specific knowledge required?
  6. What experience will best match your position?
  7. Are you being fair?

Armed with a complete Success Profile and the newly created list of vital knowledge, skills, and attributes, your hiring staff will have the tools to be clear about who they want to hire and what the new hire can expect on the job. Not only that, you will have laid the groundwork for writing pertinent screening and interview questions.

You are ready to start your search!

To view a sample Success Profile click here.


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